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Qom is a city on edge of the desert

Qom is one of the major metropolises in Iran, located 125 kilometers south of Tehran, the capital of Iran. A city on the edge of the desert.
In the past, Qom has been important because of its location on the Silk Road.

Qom is known as the capital of the silk carpets of Iran.

Also the computer capital of Iran, and the world’s capital of Shia Internet. And also the second capital of the Iranian child’s and adolescent literature.

Qom has a warm, semi-arid climate.

According to some archaeologists such as Roman Germanshman: Qom is one of the first places on the Earth that host a gathering of early humans for the first time. In this case, the city of Qom and its suburbs dates back to the time of civilization about 10 thousand years ago.

In the new excavations, the works of Iron Age furnaces founded, dating back to the age of about three thousand years ago.

Traditional Arts

As in other regions of Iran, some types of traditional arts are common in Qom.

Carpet weaving: Carpet and rug of Qom have global popularity. Qom carpets have traditional designs, often made of silk and made in small sizes.

Qom is the largest silk carpet manufacturing center in the world. 90% of its products exported, with a dollar value of nearly $ 17 million per year.

Monabat-Kari: Carvings are engraving and carving on wood. Qom is the main and largest hub in Iran with artisans and craftsmen in the field of woodcarving.

The carvings of this city offer their products in different cities of the Middle East and elsewhere in the world. The art of engraving may be the most precious art in Qom. The oldest engraving effect recorded in Qom was seven thousand years ago.

Sohan: The most famous souvenir of Qom is Sohan. About a century ago a kind of halvah and homemade cookies were cooked in Qom and it was famous for “Halva Qomi”; it was very limited and rarely delivered by some groceries.

It is well-known that, when the agent of Nasser al-Din Shah came to Qom, he was received by Qom’s Halwa, and after eating he said: “This halvah has cut and digested my food like a rasp (the meaning of Sohan)”. Then he got a lot of this sweet with him as a souvenir. (read more)


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