In the legendary history of Persian foods, cooking started since the kingdom of “Zahak”. Before that, the demons were familiar with this art, and they cooked a variety of delicious foods.

Among the Pahlavi’s language’s texts, there are some tips about stew and food. And show, how they cooked in the “Sassanid” era. In the history of culinary in Iran, it is a valid reference.

There are names of many Persian dishes and recipes, that translated into Arabic, in Arabic books. There are several Arabic books about cooking that related to the cooking of Iranians. And there are a lot of similarities between these two categories.

This was probably due to the fact, that a large number of Iranians involved in the “Abbasid” Caliphate’s offices. Therefore their habits infiltrated Arab life, including the culinary method of Iranian.

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The method of cooking, are depending on the variety of raw used materials, or the region where the food is commonly known.

Some of the most important Iranian meals are “Ab-gosht”, “Ghormeh-Sabzi” and “Iranian Kebabs”.

Breakfast is one of the main dishes in Iranian foods culture. “Adasi” (Related to lentils), “Halim” and  “Kale-Pacha” are the most important specialty foods in Iran that have a lot of fans.

Iranians prefer to use them during the holidays. A good mix of grains (wheat) and legumes (lentils) as well as red meat plus some edible oils. “Halim” is very welcomed in the cold seasons.

NOTE: The ingredients and recipe for these foods, are different, from region to region and culture to culture of Iran.


It’s a list of some very important Iranian Foods, and surely it’s not complete.

ĀshSnackWater, Vegetables,noddle, beans
Baghla Polomain courseBroad bean, rice,
Meat, vegetables
Sugar,Flour, Turmeric
Shole ZardDessertWater, rice
Saffron, Sugar
ShirBerenjDessertMilk, sugar
Rice, Grape juice (optional)
Adas Polomain courseLentils, Spices
Rice, Raisin, Meat
Ferenimain courseRice flour or Starch,
Milk, Sugar
KachiDessertFlour, sugar,
rose water
Oil, saffron
KalePachemain courseSheep's head and Meat, oil
Water, spices
Koftehmain courseVegetables, meat
Water, rice
Dolmemain courseMeat, vegetable
Grape leaves or
Bell peppers
Cabbage leaves, Rice
Reshte Polomain courseRice, Noddle, Meat, Onion
Raisins, dates
Zershk Polomain courseChicken, Rice
Barberry, Spices, Saffron
Kotletmain courseMeat, potatoes
Onions, eggs ,Spice
Kaljooshmain courseOnions, Whey
Turmeric, oil, walnut,
Dried mint
Mirza Ghassemimain courseEggplant, Spices
Egg, Tomato, Vegetables
Yatimchemain courseEggplant, Tomato, onions,
Tah-chinmain courseRice, yogurt
Egg, Saffron ,Chicken or Meat, Barberry or Raisin
Fesenjanmain courseWalnuts,
pomegranate sauce,
Meat balls or Chicken
Ghorme Sabzimain courseMeat, Onion,
Red Beans, Dried lime
Khoresht Gheymehmain courseMeat, split peas,
Tomato paste
Potato or Eggplant, Water
Kashk BademjanBreakfastEggplant, Whey,
Dried Mint,Walnuts,
Onions, Garlic
AbGoshtmain courseWater, Meat
Dried lime, legumes, Turmeric ,Spice
Shirin Polomain courseRice, Orange peel
Saffron, Chicken
HalimBreakfastPeeled wheat, Meat, Sugar
Oil, Cinnamon
Adasimain courseLentil, Onion,
Potato, Spice
Kabab Kobideh
main courseMinced Meat, Onion
Kabab barg
main courseSheep's Sirloin
(some kind of Kebab)
main courseBeef Meat
Kabab Chenje
main coursePieces of Meat
Black pepper
Albalo Polomain courseCherry, Rice ,
Meat balls or Chicken
Dampokhtakmain courseRice, Kind of Broad bean
KoKo Sabzimain courseVegetables, Egg
Barberry ,Walnut
Koko Sibzaminimain coursePotato, Egg, turmeric
Sabzi Polo
ba Mahi
main courseRice, vegetables
Saffron, fish
Kalam Polomain courseCabbage, Rice,
Minced Meat
Loobiya Polomain courseRice, Green Beans,
Nokhod Polomain coursePea, rice
Minced Meat
Halim Bademjanmain courseMeat, eggplant
Lentils, Onion, Whey, Garlic
Beryanimain courseMinced Meat, oil
Sheep's Lung, Spice
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