Making Rosewater ( Golabgiri ) is one of the ceremonies that are held every year in 14 provinces of Iran. This ceremony is from early May to late June (based on weather conditions) and climate.
The celebration of Golabgiri is also held in other parts of the country including Darab city. Also it’s held in different parts of Kashan, such as Qamsar and Niasar, and the village of Deh Abad, from the city of Natanz and the city of Badrud.
At the ceremony, which attracts more than a million tourists each year, they made rosewater from roses that planted in these areas.
According to historical documents, the people who thought about inventing a device for distilling liquids and extracting essential oils were Iranians.
The Greek scientists did not know the liquidation and distillation of the fluid. They only used the extract of red leafy flowers and boiled it in oil.

A large part of the chemical sciences that exists today is distilled, so Iranians have had a great contribution to the development of this science. Jabburan Al-Hayan Sufi, to the right, could be called the father of chemistry in this field.

The traditional ceremony of the musical instrument in Kashan

The ceremony was held in the past according to certain customs. When they collected the flowers, they were taken to the workshops with donkeys and music.

First, they put special boilers on the oven to start work. Depending on the capacity of the pot, fresh flowers are mixed with about 3 times more water.

By placing the cap on the pot, it also covers the possible openings to allow steam to remain in the pot. Turning on the flames of the oven or, in some cases, flashing the firewood, which takes 4 hours to take place.

Some times, before the start of the ceremony, they usually take the pot and flowers along the rivers and read religious prayers. When the contents of the boiler are boiled, the steam pours it out of the pipes into a large copper pitcher that is placed in cold water.

When the steam is cold, the rosewater is produced. The pitcher, depending on their capacity, provide about 30 to 40 kilos of rose water.


Properties and benefits of rose water

Rosewater can be called the miracle of nature. There are many benefits and properties to this extract that can be effective in treating many pain and illnesses.

The nature of the rose water is warm and is stomach, heart, liver and nerves boosters and is considered as strong sedation.

That is why older Iranian people needed to take rosewater on difficult days.

This fragrant and aromatic liquid, somewhat Irritating the bloodstream, stimulates skin tissue to produce new cells.