Jamshid, the wisest Iranian king

The Iranian king Jamshid is one of the Iranian mythological kings and has old antiquity. He introduces to his people the sciences, medicine, and the arts and crafts. His name is in Avesta and Pahlavi texts, and also in texts of the Islamic era. In Iranian mythology, he did a lot of hard works. In the Shahnameh, finally, he lost “Farreh Izidi” (Farreh means dignity, something like popular support but from God) and he killed by Zahak, due to the self-esteem and the self-conceit.

The word Jamshid made up of two parts: “Jam” and “Shid”; “Jam” in the Avestan is equal to the twin and ” Shid ” means light. ” Ahura Mazda (God) warns Jamshid that people will be caught in three terrible winters, which will destroy all creatures from peoples and animals and plants. therefore with the help of Ahura Mazda and to find a way to deal with such a deadly cold, Jam made a hole in the ground and put seeds of the species of plants and animals and people in it, to keep them away from the cold.

After the end of the cold and the ice,  people returned from the shelter to the ground, and life flooded again on the earth. The cultivation of fields became green and rich with healing plants, that were enemies of diseases and eliminate them. No longer, diseases were not Deadly. Then death was only due to aging or kill. The death that was the greatest and most effective weapon of evil, was powerless and lost its power.


Jamshid, the founder of Nowruz (the first day of the new year)

Thus Jamshid, with wisdom, achieved all the arts and he was able to do everything. He found himself unique in the world. Then the motive of superiority and self-awareness woke up in him and fell in the thought to fly in the sky.

He commanded to build a precious throne for him and put a lot of gem on it. ِDemons, that were his servants, took the throne to the sky. Jamshid was sitting there and as the sun was shining, and he did these things through God’s grace. People were staring at his glory, and they gathered and told about his fortune. And he called the day, that was the first day of Spring, Nowruz that means the new day.

In the Avesta said: The Age of Shine and brilliance of the Life of Aryans. The time of Jamshid was when people found brick and made vault and bath and city. The jars and pottery, the spinning and weaving of silk and Linen and cotton, the achievement of gems from the rocks, making of ships, odors, and perfumes…


The end of Jamshid

Finally, the Happiness at that time came to end, with the oppression of the Babylonians (Zahak). The days of the Aryan people came to end, and Jamshid and the Aryan country was divided into two halves.

Zahakyan (Babylonian) reigned over Iran for a thousand years with oppression and burning and killing”



Iran, Tabriz, Safavid period. Opaque watercolor, ink, and gold on paper

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