Although the history of the Golestan Palace dates back to the time of “Shah Abbas Safavi” (1580 AD). Part of the travelogue “Pietro Della Valle” (in 1619 AD) describes Tehran as such, with the royal palace, surrounded by the Plane trees. However, it is possible to begin the area known now as the Palace of Golestan in the era of “Karim Khan” and between 1760 and 1767 AD.

The real significance of the Citadel, during the time of “Aqa Mohammad Khan” Qajar, became more serious. Choosing Tehran to become the capital by Aqa Muhammad Khan and creating a royal residence in the city near the homestead of their clan in Gorgan and close to the Russians and keeping them under control.

In the course of Naser-al-Din Shah Qajar (1848 AD), the Golestan Palace, due to his rule (nearly 49 years) and his visit as the first king of Iran, from Europe in his three trips to 1873, 1878and 1889 AD were undergone major changes influenced by European style.

The royal citadel in the years following the extinction of the Qajar dynasty and the coming of the Pahlavi dynasty witnessed the coronation of the first Pahlavi (April 4, 1926 AD) and Pahlavi II (November 4, 1967 AD). As well as some changes in its texture.

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