One of the palaces of the Persepolis in ancient Persia is Palace of the Gate of all Nations, or Palace of expectation, or Palace of expectation corridor, or Palace of Xerxes, have been. The building belongs to Xerxes. And in other words, Darius the Great, may have Founded it and then Xerxes completed it. For this reason, the palace is also called the palace of the Gates. Because the representatives of all the country’s relatives enter it and then go to other palaces.

It means that the palace was a kind of waiting room. This type of use of the palace cause called the waiting palace too. Information about the palace’s name took from the inscriptions above this place. Representatives from different countries of the Achaemenid kingdom that climbed the main stairs of Persepolis and entered the king’s palace. First, they entered the four-pillar hall from the western gate of all nations, and then they were waiting on the stone platforms around the courthouse until the secretary of the court allow them to enter.

The keeper cows have a history of Assyrian art and used in this palace like the same tradition. But the designers of the Persepolis came up with innovations. For example, unlike the Assyrian specimens, which have five feet, these two Sphinxes have naturally four feet, and two legs showing the mode of motion.

gate of all nations

Inscription of  the Gates of the Nations

Xerxes says: The great God is Ahura Mazda, who created the earth, created the sky, created people, created the happiness, that made King Xerxes, one for the many kings, one for many. I am Xerxes, the great king, king of the kings, king of the countries of different people, the king of this great and wide world, the son of Darius the king, of Achaemenid generation.

Xerxes says: I made this gate of All Nations with Ahuramazda’s help. Other good buildings in this Parse (Persepolis) had built, which my father founded and I completed. Every one of those buildings, that all are beautiful, we created to confirm Ahuramazda. An also, Xerxes says: Ahuramazda will protect me and my country and Whatever I made, and everything that was done by my father (Darius), also protect them all.


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