ancint Iranian story, rostam and sohrab

“Rostam and Sohrab” is one of the ancient Iranian story of Shah-Nameh (The Book of Kings) that written by the Persian poet, Ferdowsi (about 980 CE). A tragic story of the death of Sohrab, a young man who was killed by his father.

The story

Once upon a time, Rostam goes hunting near the border of Turan (One of Iran’s neighbors at that time). After hunting, he fell asleep. His horse “Rakhsh”, that has been grazed in the plain, Caught by several riders.

When he awoke, Rustam did not find Rashk, except for its footprints.  He followed the footprints and he reaches Samangan (name of a city). The news of Rostam’s arrival in Samangan makes the elders and celebrities of the city welcome him. Rustam threatens them if they do not return Rakhsh, he will cut off many of his body. The king of Samangan invites him to spend a night in his palace and promised to find Rakhsh for him in the morning. Rostam takes pleasure.

In the palace, Rostam faces Tahmineh (the king daughter) and he falls in love with her, and he proposed marriage to her. Tomorrow, Rostam gave her a bead as a memorize and said if their child was a girl, she would attach the bead to her hairs. And if he was a boy, she would attach to his arm. After a while, Rostam goes to Iran and does not share this secret with anyone.

Next few years, Sohrab grew up and asked about his father. The mother attaches the bead that Rostam had given him, to Sohrab’s arm. And tells him that he have to keep this secret because of the enemies. Sohrab decides to attack Iran first, and give the kingdom to his father. And then go to Turan and overthrow Afrasiab (Rostam’s enemy). Afrasyab by deceit sends a troop to his aid and orders them not to let Sohrab knows Rostam. Sohrab attacked Iran, and Kavos Shah (king of Iran) Ask Rostam to help him.


Batel of Rostam and Sohrab

Rostam and Sohrab faced each other. Sohrab, from his appearance, guesses that he may be Rostam, but Rustam hides his name from him. In this battle, Rostam wins, and when Sohrab is dying, he sees his armband and understands that Sohrab is his son. But it’s too late and Sohrab died.

In the story, the aggression and force of the rulers along with inexperience and Sohrab’s aspire and self-confidence of Rostam, who does not reveal his name to his son, creates a disaster to end its tragic end.