Chista is an iranian lady goddess

An Iranian lady goddess

Chista is an Iranian lady goddess in the Zoroastrian’s book, Avesta, that means since, knowledge, wisdom, and awareness.

Also, Chista is known as the holder of good and informative ways and she is the guide of good ways.

For this reason, she is also considered the goddess of knowledge.

She is along with Soroush, one of the ancient Iranian goddess. He is a great goddess who cares about the order of the world and put up the treaties and is the guardian angel of Zoroastrians.

Also, she accompanies Mitra.

Mitra is an ancient Indo-Iranian goddess before the Zoroastrian era, which means convent and friendship, and the sun too.

Lady Chista is always in white.

Therefore Chista Media is a magazine that tries to show you a different view of Iran.


Chista Media

Each country has two faces. One face that appears in news and media. A face, with full of news and politics and a war between the powers.

And another face that came from the heart of history and from the lives of the people who together, made the stories and history of that country.

Iran is a country that you may have heard of in the news, but if ask you, what the past and its history are and what do you know about the stories and people’s lives, you certainly will not have to answer for it.

Through this media, we try to familiarize you with the corners of the past and history of this land and the habits and culture of its people, and we invite you to cross the gate of all nations and explore the gardens filled with Iranian flowers. And see Iran from another window.

In this way, we also created and prepared some video clips for you. Videos are in related pages and in the page of Video Clips.

Videos uploaded on YouTube and Aparat for your comfort. Please watch and rate them.

And if your interest in this garden and if you would like to see it personally and closely, our friends at Jolja Travel are looking forward to guiding and help you.

Our wish is to meet and host you in the country of roses and nightingales.

welcome to Iran


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