The City of The Oldest Living Tree on the Earth

Abarkooh or Abarkuh (also: Abarghoo) is a city in the Yazd province in Iran. The city is located along the Yazd-Shiraz highway. The geographic location of this historic tourist city is among the three historic cities of Iran, Isfahan, Yazd, and Shiraz, which is approximately within the triangle of these three cities.

Abarkooh, according to the Directorate General of Cultural Heritage of Handicrafts and Tourism of Iran, due to the presence of natural and ancient works, is one of the 14 most popular tourist destinations in Iran. The city has more than 400 historical monuments, that 143 of them have been recorded in the National Iranian Book List.

In terms of topography, Abarkooh Plain is part of Iran’s central dry plateau, which encompasses the Zagros Mountains as the edge of the plain in the west and south directions, and 1550 meters above sea level. Abarkooh has a warm, dry desert climate. The city’s climate on a public scale has climatic characteristics of the Iranian desert areas.

Cypress of Abarkuh

About the creation and dating of Abarkooh are myths and stories that often do not have acceptable scientific references, but with regard to the works and buildings left, Abarkooh is very old, but its exact date should be searched in scattered writings.

The city was on the Silk Road in the past. Abarkooh in the centuries, before and after Islam was on the ways, from the east to the northwest, and to the south, or the way to the Transoxiana, either in the words of Great Khorasan and Turkestan.

For this reason, Sultan (kings) and rulers crossed the city in battle or stopped for a few days, including Shah Abbas Safavi, who had constructed several caravansaries along the road.

The world’s oldest living cypress tree is located in the city. Marcopolo writes in his memoir book about the tree. The Russian scientist, Aleksandrov, considers the age of this cypress to be more than 4,500 years old. Some of the myths attribute it to Zarathustra, and some to Japheth (son of Noah).